Make Your Sex Life More Eco-Friendly

Solar Bullet Vibrator

An easy to use and charge vibrator that can completely charge within an hour on a sunny day to last for a long time. This eco-friendly device can provide a long-lasting pleasure without stressing on your electricity bills.

Glyde Ultra Thin Condoms

Organically made condoms to provide a natural sexual experience. It fulfils its purpose and then decomposes away without affecting the environment.

Leaf+ Vitality+ Vibrator

Find the best organic vibrators to lift up your natural energy and also provide the pleasure you seek. Learn about our products and our initiative for a plastic-free environment.

The Best Experience Ever

I am satisfied with the products that I orders. They do exactly what they are supposed to do and make me feel positive about saving the environment as well.
Mamie M. Shellman
Happy Client

Going Green, Eco Friendly Sex Toys

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