5 Best Crystal Sex Toys

When you need some love in your life with the right positivity to keep you happy and active, you can find some of the best healing crystal sex toys that provide the kink and bliss. You can find crystal sex toys online on trusted stores. Order a crystal sex toy for you to explore some intimate connection with yourself or with your partner. Here are the best crystal sex toys that you can buy today.

Rose Quartz Straight Yoni Wand

This is a 100% natural organic crystal with a Quartz certification. It feels sleek and has a silky smooth texture. It holds warm and cold sensations which can activate with the touch of palm. You can use it dry, wet, or with any glide infusion. Each stone has a unique appearance of light pink colour variations. It is filled with feminine energy, nourishment, and comfort to provide immediate intimacy. It corresponds to the heart chakra and inspires beauty and romance.

Green Aventurine Straight Yoni Wand

This is a certified Green Aventurine crystal that is 100% natural. The texture is sleek and silky smooth and feels warm or cold when in use. If you seed a more energetic essence which keeps you at the moment for intense orgasms, try out this lustrous crystal dildo. The crystal corresponds to the heart chakra and inspired luck and opportunity. It will help you manifest wealth and winning energy.

Amethyst Yoni Eggs

Let your body find its freedom with these Amethyst Yoni Eggs that helps in healing your pelvic floor muscles with the energy of the crystal. These eggs are filled with sexual awakening energy which will skyrocket your pleasure. These yoni eggs feature kegel enhancement, alleviated orgasmic sensations, increased vaginal lubrication, and feminine energy. They also correspond to the crown and third eye. You can get the amethyst eggs in different shades of purple with possible quartz inclusions.

Red Jasper Straight Yoni Wand

Infused with passion and orgasmic energy this irresistible silky smooth shaft can help you reach the orgasmic heights as you involve in self-play. It is an endurance enhancing crystal making perfect for partners looking for a romantic time together. It features 100% natural and certified Red Jasper, which corresponds to the root chakra. It can have unique appearances of red, orange, and cream colours. This crystal brings the vibrancy of energy and improves focus and determination.

Spiral Rose Quartz Yoni Wand

This special spiral wand is a great companion for a more rocky experience. It has waves like spirals and grooves, which makes the orgasms even more enjoyable. The crystal is 100% natural, fused with red jasper and rhodonite. You can use it dry, wet, or infused with any glide. It has healing properties for the heart chakra, invokes love, feminine energy, nourishment, and compassion in the user.