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Silicone is a skin friendly and and non-toxic sex toy material. 100% Silicone contains no polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is phthalate free. Phthalates are controversial "plasticizers" used to soften PVC vinyls. Phthalate exposure has been linked to obesity, cancers, low sperm count, and fetal reproductive system effects. For these reasons, phthalates have been banned in European children's toys. Not only is 100% silicone phthalate-free and pvc-free, but it is also nonporous, so germs have nowhere to hide and can be completely sterilized. It is important to note that products labeled "silicone" are not necessarily 100% silicone and are often silicone composites. When shopping for a non toxic silicone toy, make sure the packaging says 100% silicone instead of just "silicone." Click to view our 100% Silicone Toy Selection:

Paul Paulina Vibrator


Elastomer is a PVC-free compound that does not contain phthalates. Elastomers are a rubber based material. No solvents are used in their manufacture. During production, elastomer is removed by high vacuum so there are no residual hardeners. This type of material is ideal for manufacturing a variety of textures. Check out our Softwear Skin vibrators such as the Sweet Spot and Quiver. Our Layaspot and Smartballs are made from an skin safe, odorless elastomer derivative- elastomed. Click to view our Elastomer/Elastomed selection:



Glass Wands are healthy, environmentally friendly, and support small business. >From an environmental perspective, there is no better sex toy material than glass. Glass is made by the same ocean from which we evolved. It is all natural, chemical free, and biologically inert. Inevitably, nature's technology has been cultivated by man, which allows glass to be shaped and molded into an array of artistic and functional items. Even dildos! For your health, glass wands are great. Unlike plastics, glass wands are non-porous and can be completely cleaned and sterilized after use. The rigidity of glass makes them essential for effecting g-spotting. They can be warmed up, cooled down, and even thrown in the diswashwer. Aesthetically, artisan blown glass is stunningly beautiful! Every glass wand is one of a kind, which allows you to choose a unique piece that is right for you and your body. Click to view our Northwestern Glass Selection:

Mushroom Love Glass Dildo

Jelly Rubber

Earth Erotics does not carry Jelly Rubber or PVC composite toys. Jelly Rubber is a commonly used material by sex toy manuacturers, because it is cheap and moldable. Jelly rubber toys are made from PVC and chemical softeners called phthalates. If vinyls do not have any softeners, they are basically very hard PVC plastic. There are different grades of vinyls, from food grade for your plastic food storage containers or baggies (which don’t give off a smell) to economical grade that are used in some lower end athletic shoes and other products. There are four indicators to determine whether you are purchasing a jelly rubber or PVC composite toy:

1) Whether the material is disclosed.

2) Whether there are warning labels on the packaging indicating that the item you are purchasing is for novelty purposes only or if there are health disclaimers.

3) Jelly Rubber toys emit a chemical smell caused by PVC off-gassing of phthalates. The more you smell, the lower the grade and the more phthalates used.

4) Completely Sealed packaging - If a toy is completely sealed, the off-gassing smell is undetectable at purchase.




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