About Us

We are an eco-friendly sex shop who manufacture our own sex toys. Find the best quality eco-friendly bondage equipment, sex toys, and fashion in our online store delivering around Texas. We believe in changing people’s lives with our special healing toys that are environmentally safe and connects you with nature. With our manufacturing offices, we want to create safe and non-toxic sex products.

 The sex toys made of plastic or synthetic materials like silicon and rubber may come in cheap but can cause a lot of damage to the environment when you stop using them and throw them away in the garbage. It will not be a long time until your sex toys become biohazards, especially when you have even left the batteries inside them before sending them to dump yards. Instead of doing such damage to the environment, we encourage you to purchase eco-friendly sex toys that will not only give you the experience you want but also heal you from inside. While plastic can be toxic to the body, natural organic crystals can work in nurturing your body to inspire love, romance, and positivity.

We also have our own range of natural lubricants, lingerie collection, cosplay fashion, and bondage belts & equipment. Get a tour of our store to find out more about the science behind the naturally made sex products. Enjoy sex with your partner in a safer and better environment. Our team will only manufacture and distribute eco-friendly products to make sure that none of the toxic waste can damage our environment.

Connect with our experts to learn about the healing crystal sex toys and which one will help you in the best ways. Our experts have accomplished the right knowledge of self-healing to prepare the body for mental and physical challenges. Without sex toy range, you can accomplish the highest orgasms inspired by romance, passion, and love for mother nature.