Best Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys are the new favourite because of its high-esthetic looks and sleek, smooth body. These glass sex toys are nothing less than a piece of modern art and can be equally effective at the same time. If you are looking for some really cool glass toys that can keep you entertained and also look good, you have come to the right place. Here is our list of the best glass sex toys available in the market.

INubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

This glass dildo may look weird at first sight, but it has a reason to be like that. The texture makes it a little rough on the walls, which give you a sensation of scratching that helps in getting quick orgasms. The glass is made on high quality, so it does not hold the risk of breaking until you intend to do so.

The Rotator Glass Dildo

This short, fat dildo with an interesting handle is what gives it the name “rotator”. Your partner can use it on you for extra foreplay. It is a compact dildo which justifies its size and shape. The extra rotatory handle can make things a little more kinky for you while you enjoy sex with your partner.

Ribbed G-sport Glass Dildo

This dildo is best for sliding inside until it pushes your G-spot. It is a sensual toy to play with, which can also be used for temperature play. You can use the other side to experience some ribbed action. It looks clean and good. This two-way glass dildo is what you need if you are looking for different ways to get orgasms.

Emerald Explorer

This glass toy is specially designed for anal sexual pleasure, but one can use it for vaginal play as well. Make sure to disinfect the toy when you are using it for different purposes. It has rigged beads feel which provides the right anal stimulation that you need.

Unbound’s Gem

This long sleek glass dildo is perfect for your sex toys collection as it not only serves its purpose but also manages to look like an art piece. It has a curved and beaded end which can provide the right stimulation to your G-spot.

Babeland Candy Coloured Glass Dildo

If you are looking for something more colourful, then this candy-coloured glass sex toy is for you. Try out this dual-curved glass dildo which can stimulate from both its ends. It will also be a fairly good looking toy in your collection that can make your lovemaking more interesting.

Babeland Icescicles Swirl Dildo

This glass dildo is made for the extra-action that the plain glass toys cannot provide. It is ribbed for pleasure with its faded blueish swirls which will make your experience even more exciting and long-lasting.